Dealing with the emotional challenges of working in education: How our EAP can help

How you can support your staff with an employee assistance programme.

Videos / 35 mins watch

Our recent report Teaching: the new reality, has highlighted how the roles of teachers and education staff have expanded in recent years, resulting in increased pressure.

Many school leaders have told us their staff are facing more challenges at home and at work since the pandemic. This has been the catalyst for them to put enhanced support in place for their staff.

One tried and tested way of supporting staff is with an employee assistance programme. But exactly how can an employee assistance programme help staff cope with the new reality of working in education?

This webinar, hosted by Daren Chisholm and Gwen Thomas from Education Support, includes:

  • Key statistics from our report, about the new pressures faced by teachers and education staff and the effects on their wellbeing.
  • How an Employee Assistance Programme like ours can help.
  • What makes the Education Support Employee Assistance Programme different, and why it would work for your school.

School leaders, wellbeing leads, and those in HR should watch - in fact anyone who is looking for effective ways to improve staff wellbeing at their school.

Employee Assistance Programme
Employee Assistance Programme
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Professional supervision