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The training fund helped me get back into teaching

In January, we launched our Training and Development fund in Partnership with CSIS, the Civil Servant Insurance Society Charity Fund.

We have spoken to one of our first beneficiaries, Jody, to find out how the fund has helped her:

I was searching for grants for a charity that I run voluntarily when I came across Education Support Partnership by chance. I suddenly stopped and thought about ‘me’ for a minute. I am often thinking about my children or my charity, and I suddenly realised that I needed help and if I didn’t ask for it then going back to teaching just would be too difficult. 

Returning to teaching was quite a scary prospect

I had worked for many years as a business studies teacher but took a break from teaching, a profession I love, to care for my two young children as a single parent. When my eldest daughter started school, I felt that the time was right to take the big jump back into teaching.

Returning to teaching was quite a scary prospect. I lacked confidence in my skills and worried that I had lost my subject knowledge, forgotten my behaviour management techniques and the ability to accurately mark A level student practise exam papers.

I wanted to be able to push my students and in order to do that I needed to be confident and refresh my teaching skills. Reading up on past materials increased my knowledge. However, a training course would enable me to refresh my skills, become more familiar with the new business A-Level and give me the confidence to apply for a teaching position.

The ‘A-Level Business: Effective A-Level exam preparation’ course was ideal. It was the perfect match to ensure I increased confidence in my teaching abilities and understood the new A-Level. I was delighted when your Grants Caseworker, Carl, e-mailed me to say my application had been accepted and the course would be paid for!

I aim to give all students I teach 100%, to allow them to succeed with the highest possible grades. The guidance I give students through feedback from mock exams will really help in their success at A level.

Everything came together at the right time

I wanted to get back into teaching as soon as possible and was recently invited to an interview at a local secondary school, teaching GCSE and A level business. I was keen to not just be the person who performed well in their interview and provide all the right answers to the questions, but to know that if I was offered the job I would be able to do it well and that I really was the right person for the job.

Excitingly, I was successful and have been offered the job! Everything came together at the right time.

I knew as soon as I saw the advert it was perfect for me

It can be a scary prospect going back to something when you have had a long break. You worry you might not be good enough, might not be chosen for the job, or even that the right job doesn’t appear. It is surprising that the knowledge is still all there and that the knowledge and skills will all fall into place at the right time. I spent many months searching for this teaching job, and I knew as soon as I saw the advert that it was perfect for me. I knew when I visited the school that I would be a perfect fit for them too. 

I really believe that the ability to demonstrate my enthusiasm to re-enter teaching, showing that I am keen and hardworking, helped me to secure the post. I can’t thank Education Support Partnership enough for the support they have provided. I can’t wait to get started!    

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